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The demand for low-carb, high-protein keto products has skyrocketed in recent years, and bakeries are now looking to capitalize on this trend. Baking keto on a large scale, however, poses its own set of challenges and requires a deep understanding of ingredients and techniques.

This eBook takes an in-depth look at all the key ingredients and ingredient substitutes for successful keto baking, as well as processing step, quality control, shelf life and opportunities for product development.


Pocket Guides are 20-30 page eBooks full of highly educational and useful information, serving as the ultimate resource. Welcome to a collection of essential guides for all the important trends, products and ingredients.


  • Overview of the keto diet and market opportunities
  • Keto-friendly baking ingredients
  • Product development
  • Keto bread, cookies, and cake formulation and processing
  • Shelf-life extension solutions
  • Baking quality


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate BAKER Academy Session


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Added about 2 hours ago, by Matthew Miles
Added about 15 hours ago, by Anonymous
Very informative
Added about 18 hours ago, by Akampa
Added 6 days ago, by Peter
Added 8 days ago, by Mark Anthony
Added 10 days ago, by Ms.
Added 11 days ago, by Bola-Umar
This is a blue print thanks
Added 11 days ago, by Rajasekhar
Good to know the latest develipments in advance. Good Knowledge
Added 11 days ago, by Savas
informative in brief, but Keto being new for me, it was satisfying. thank you for your appreciable services.
Added 15 days ago, by Keith

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