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Healthy and functional baked goods are a great addition to your product line. An area worth exploring to make your product stand out is gut health, one of the year's big trends! A few simple ingredients, like probiotics and fiber, can pack a serious punch for improving the health benefits of a number of bread products.  These videos explore an innovative solution for adding probiotics to baked goods that result in a gut-healthy and delicious final product! Plus, a Q&A with the experts.   Read More

High quality buns are in high demand these days, creating opportunities for bakers. So, to help you make a consistent and delicious product, here are a few key points to pay attention to during formulation, mixing, fermentation, and baking. These videos cover ingredient and processing tips for hamburger buns, as well as bun product inspiration and a Q&A with the experts to help troubleshoot common issues.  Read More

  Defining the quality of your baked goods is essential for consistency and next-level products. So join us for an in depth look at how C-Cell provides objective quality assessment on baked products. By using objective analysis, production facilities are able to easily monitor the quality of a product to a level that the human eye can't see, enabling small changes in process to be made to enhance overall product quality. Learn more about quality processes with this presentation and Q&A.  Read More

Use this chart to find the optimal relative humidity from wet and dry bulb readings, for both for both Fahrenheit and Celsius readings. Read More

Sourdough has long been a popular bread with consumers, thanks to its rich flavor and aroma, as well as its simple ingredient list. However, sourdough also aids the quality development of many baked goods. Although making a starter is simple enough, there is a complex side to sourdough technology.  This technical paper dives into the science of sourdough starters and production to optimize your bread.  Read More

Staling is an inevitable phenomena. Bakers can only delay its onset, using available tools to extend shelf-life of bread as long as possible. There are two basic strategies that can extend bread’s freshness as well as enhance its appearance: formulation and processing methods. This technical paper explores options and troubleshooting.  Read More

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