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The gluten-free market continues in its popularity, from savory snacks to sweet cakes and everything in between. To produce foods that offer quality taste and texture, bakers rely on a number of wheat flour replacements. One source offering multiple solutions is the root vegetable cassava plant.  The flour and starches obtained from this plant are gluten-free, grain-free, nut-free alternatives to white flour. They serve as an alternative in cakes, brownies, muffins, cookies, bread, crackers, chips, and many other bakery products. Additionally, cassava products can be blended with other flours, such as soy or rice, to improve the quality of baked products. This technical paper explores the many uses of cassava-based products.  Read More

CBD, found in industrial hemp and marijuana without the psychoactive effects of THC, is making a splash in the baking and health food industry. Wondering how to navigate the world of dosages, ingredient options and shelf stable formulation with CBD and hemp extracts? Check out this presentation covering key points, ideas for product development, and a Q&A.  Read More

Formulating gluten free and natural products often go hand in hand. What opportunities are there for bakeries to offer innovative products, and how can quality be upheld with a clean label? Dive into this important topic featuring a presentation that explores the challenges and solutions of improving the texture and flavor in gluten-free products while keeping a clean label, plus a Q&A with the experts. Read More

Consumers are looking for less processed and simply formulated food, which includes sweet goods like cakes! However, this means replacing artificial emulsifiers and preservatives while keeping taste and quality consistent. So how can you create beautiful and tasty cakes, muffins, and brownies as naturally as possible? These videos cover ingredient solutions and processing tips for clean label cakes, plus a baking demo and Q&A session.   Read More

Struggling to make high quality bread products without artificial dough conditioners? Listen to this Q&A with dough experts that covers enzymes solutions for reducing cost, improving shelf life and more. Read More

Bread is a staple food product, and so, clean label bread can create a durable customer allegiance. Plus, clean label products often go hand in hand with natural, organic and gluten-free products. Therefore, with a clean label product, multiple consumer sectors can be targeted at the same time. However, it does call for a fresh look at formula and production to rethink ingredients and processing technology. Clean label bread can not contain commonly used functional ingredients such as SSL, DATEM, genetically modified ingredients (corn syrup), and artificial preservatives (sorbates and propionates) in product formulation. However, ingredient substitution and adjusted processing makes production possible.  This technical paper looks at ingredient solutions, formulas, and processing tips.  Read More

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