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Do you have a flour problem? If you're having mixing issues that result in product inconsistencies, the flour is your first thing to check. After all, it's the main ingredient that has the largest impact on your formulations. There is a lot to absorb with flour quality, so start with this presentation and Q&A.  Read More

The gluten-free market is proving to be a space of growth and sales for bread producers. To help prepare for it, these videos cover key market drivers, the science of gluten-free dough structure and production, product development ideas and a Q&A. Read More

The indulgent bakery category is always a popular one, and gluten-free consumers don’t want to be left out! So how can you pack the right texture, flavor and quality into a cake without gluten? These videos explore baking tips and ingredient solutions for gluten-free cakes. Plus, get some product development ideas and watch a Q&A with the experts. Read More

The variety of ingredients available for gluten-free formulation is enormous: grains, hydrocolloids, external plant proteins, improvers and emulsifiers, just to name a few. Just like wheat flour, these ingredients are submitted to certain quality variables, such as the crop or producer. So, it’s important to follow the quality of raw materials to avoid difficulties during production. However, until now, no quality analysis method was really suited for gluten-free flour. These videos explore a unique protocol for testing gluten-free products and creating personalized methods to adapt to unique constraints. Plus, a Q&A session with the experts. Read More

  Baking pizza without gluten comes with some unique challenges. However, there are solutions. Whey-based ingredients compensate for the structural effect of gluten and give bakery products an appealing taste and texture. Learn all about it with these videos! Get tips on formulating gluten-free pizza with a baking demo and a Q&A with the experts. Read More

The gluten-free market is becoming a key space for consumers and bakers. Now that it's a well established trend, there's improved ingredient technology making it easier to achieve quality taste, texture and shelf life.  However, gluten-free baking still comes with its share of difficulties and troubleshooting. Dive into solutions, formulation and more in this technical paper.  Read More

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