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The implementation of a HACCP plan in bakeries guarantees the safety of the baked goods produced. The considerations of the overall production process, and potential hazardous microbiological, physical and chemical risks that may be present during the development stages are fundamental for the development of a successful program. HACCP programs are established once the prerequisites program and good manufacturing practices have been successfully implemented. They are intended to fully guarantee the safety of products by preventing the occurrence of potential hazards. This technical paper covers the key steps and processes of setting up a HACCP plan in your bakery.  Read More

Buns are the most popular type of bread served at Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) because they are versatile and portable. Producers are now focused on targeting premium-type hamburger buns made out of whole grain dough and indulgent ingredients like butter and eggs. Being creative but also offering cost-effective alternatives has become a priority as well. Finally, ensuring a clean label and cost affordable hamburger bun is essential for this market. This technical paper looks into hamburger bun production, covering formulation, processing and troubleshooting tips.  Read More

Did you know heat treated flour adds both nutrition and functionality? Learn all about the key properties of Roasted Oat Flour, baking application and tips, and more in this presentation and baking demo.  Read More

With a growing interest in healthy, nutritional products, high protein is an expanding and important trend. How can you bake products with significant amounts of protein, while keeping in mind things like taste, texture, and shelf life? These videos cover key tips, ingredient solutions, and a high-protein baking demo. Plus, a Q&A with the experts. Read More

Product loss is inevitable, but avoiding it in a high-output food production facility should be an essential goal and a critical sustainability factor of growth focused companies. Engineering and manufacturing teams are increasingly relying on several strategies to reduce food and time waste which negatively impact overall efficiency. This technical paper covers causes of product loss and downtime during food production, and tips and tricks to avoid them!  Read More

High protein baked goods, a popular choice with consumers, are characterized by fortified formulations with a wide variety of protein-rich ingredients. The options are many, including milk and whey protein concentrates or isolates, soy protein concentrates or isolates, pea protein, chickpea flour, dried egg solids, almond or nut butter, and nutritional yeast. This technical paper looks at different high protein sources, how they will effect your baked goods, and tips for improving overall quality in the final product.  Read More

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