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BAKERcertified Bread is a series of courses designed to cover the key components of yeast-based dough production and provide a well-rounded overview of essential ingredients and processes. Successful bread production doesn't stop after the baking step. Moving your product from the plant all the way to the customer means paying careful attention to the packaging process, quality control and shelf life capabilities. This course explores best practices, key equipment and materials, and quality control program goals to uphold bread freshness and quality. We believe that if you master the knowledge in this module, your bakery will output a successful product.    BAKERcertified Bread 8 includes: Bread slicing Packaging equipment and materials Quality control program Raw ingredient receiving Shelf life Texture and staling Mold inhibiting   Check out other courses in this series Read More

The bakery sector is seeing a flood of new products and trends, so now is the time to dive into product development—whether you’re adding a new line, trying a twist on a current one, or just making products more consistent as you scale up. A key tool in product launch and quality control is texture profile analysis, which allows you to measure and quantify characteristics like hardness, chewiness, and resilience. Then, you can not only mass-produce the product you want but improve quality, shelf life, texture, and more. These videos explore how to run and read a texture profile analysis, and then implement the data to improve your bread lines.  Read More

How do you keep your bread fresh and delicious for long periods of time? Shelf-life extension is one of the biggest topics in the baking industry and is highly beneficial to your product and business. What ingredients can give your bread products a boost on the shelf? These videos explore solutions and best practices for shelf life extension. Read More

Keeping cakes fresh and tasty is key for any bakery. Extending the shelf life comes down to your formula and processing steps. These videos cover practical tips on how to keep your cakes from staling or molding too quickly, and include a Q&A session. Read More

Struggling to make high quality bread products without artificial dough conditioners? Listen to this Q&A with dough experts that covers enzymes solutions for reducing cost, improving shelf life and more. Read More

Extended dough fermentation is effectively used for improving dough development and enhancing bread shelf life. Plus, it adds a rich flavor. So, its use in artisan and craft breads just makes sense. How can you use fermentation to enhance your bread? And what's the right type of yeast to use for your product? These videos explore the influencing ingredients and processes of fermentation and the key basics of using yeast in baking. Plus, a Q&A with commonly asked questions.  Read More

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